We provide products, services and tools to help you start, grow and maintain the online portion of your business.


The group includes a comprehensive group of  businesses  all working together to provide the ultimate source for the online portion of your business. At the moment, the types of businesses that are part of the The MLC Business Group, includes but is not limited to the following:


Domain Names, Websites Website Hosting. E-Books and Audio-Books, Directory, CybermallBusiness Opportunities Sales and Marketing with ongoing evaluation, resulting in the enhancement of existing, the addition of more valuable and the removal of less valuable.


We provide products, service & information separately or  signup for our membership and get multiples at one low membership fee. Including a domain name website & hosting. All included in one amazing membership package. As you can clearly see from our website, we offer a dynamic assortment of physical and digital products and services to help you establish the online presence that's right for your business.


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